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Used Tire Disposal & Recycling

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For people who firmly believe in do-it-yourself automotive tire installation, repair, and replacement, our used tire disposal is a must. We believe every automotive mechanic, professional or amateur, would find our tire collection and disposal services beneficial. No one can argue, used tire disposal is one of the most complicated in the junk removal industry.

Even if you are a firm believer in reusing old bicycle tires, ATV tires, automotive tires, RV tires, semi-truck tires, and cargo trailer tires, there will come a time when you are faced with disposal. You can only turn so many used tires into a garden planter, landscape retainer wall, outdoor table, and swing. When you reach this point, it is important to keep our used tire removal and disposal services in mind.

Our Professional Preowned Tire Removal Service – How It Works?

To take advantage of our one-time used tire removal service, you must schedule an appointment for a consultation. A certified junk removal expert will be dispatched to your home or business to meet with you or another household member. The professional will provide the client with a written quote or estimate, following a visual assessment of the used tires. The client agrees to utilize our junk removal service and an appointment is scheduled for the pickup.

  • A junk removal team will arrive at your property to collect the used tires and other rubber-based junk products
  • The junk removal experts will meet with the client to alert him/her of their arrival
  • The team loads the junk into our work truck(s) and briefly consults with the client before exiting the property for the final time
  • The rubber junk will be transported to a recycling facility, mulch manufacturing facility, or donation center
  • The used tires are unloaded from our work truck
  • The junk removal team is provided with a receipt for the rubber-based junk

DIY Tire Disposal Tips

To stay on the legal side of the law when disposing of used tires, it is crucial to know the local tire disposal laws. Every municipality, city, or town has unique waste disposal regulations, of which you should be fully aware. With this information in hand, you will have a better understanding of how to legally dispose of your rubber junk.

If you have the necessary tire removal resources at your disposal, you may not need to hire a junk removal company. Instead, you can handle the process from the initial removal to the drop-off at a local recycling facility.

How To Legally Dispose Of Used Tires?

Contrary to belief, disposing of used tires in household waste dumpsters is not legal. Never throw your rubber junk in a community dumpster without validating the legalities in advance. Contact your garbage collection service to inquire about their used tire protocol. Just so you know, most household trash collection companies do not accept rubber-based trash, including used tires, mats, and inner tubes.

Legally disposing of your used tires can protect you from a potential fine or jail time.

Can Used Tires Be Recycled?

Yes, rubber tires classify as recyclable items. Recycled tires are utilized for various purposes, including rubber mulch, construction materials, and playground flooring.

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Used Tire Disposal & Recycling