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Although you loved your old furniture many years ago, the item has worn out its welcome now. It has developed stains and the cushions are no longer comfortable. Once this happens, you’ll have to do something about the unwanted furniture. It is wise to disassemble the furniture and dispose of it in a responsible manner. If you can’t handle the heavy lifting, let us do it for you. We can take your unwanted couch and drop it off at the nearby recycling or donation center.

Effortless Furniture Removal & Disposal

When you use our furniture removal services, you can guarantee that the process is going to be swift and convenient. We strive to make sure that our clients don’t have to lift a finger during the process. In addition to this, we’ll do everything we can to protect our clients. Besides doing the heavy lifting, we also offer a no-contact furniture removal service. If you’re worried about being exposed to disease, we recommend using this service. Either way, our comprehensive junk removal services will take care of the problem rapidly.

Call us so we can carry away your unwanted furniture tomorrow.

Tossing Your Couch In The Dumpster

Could you toss your couch in the dumpster? Although it might be possible, the waste management company might not take it. Plus, you don’t want the couch to be sent to the landfill where it will waste away for years and harm the environment. Do you want to dispose of the furniture responsibly? Call our office to take advantage of our eco-friendly furniture removal services.

Can I Give Away Furniture On The Curb?

In some cases, you can give away furniture on the curb. However, it will depend on your location. Some cities have regulations banning locals from doing this. Otherwise, you can. It is a good idea to check the laws in your area before doing it. If you can’t and need to get rid of the furniture, call us. We can always help you donate the item.

Just remember that you may need to take it apart before a junk remover will take it.

Disassembling Your Unwanted Couch

Before you can handle the couch, you’ll likely need to take it apart. If you have the right tools, doing so won’t be difficult. Follow the steps below.

  • Start by grabbing the cushions and throwing them away.
  • Flip the couch over so you can begin removing the legs.
  • You’ll need to remove the staples so you can get rid of the upholstery. You may need a screwdriver or staple remover.
  • Begin demolishing the wood frame.

After you’ve completed these steps, you can get rid of the couch’s components.

Who Will Take My Old Furniture?

When you try to get rid of old furniture, remember that certain groups will take it. Be sure to pick the best option for your unique situation.

  • Contact city officials to see if they have a large item pickup service. Some cities do but others do not.
  • Use the Internet to sell the item or give it away. When doing so, the other party will likely come and get the item from your property.
  • Try contacting a local charity. If they want it, they’ll likely send someone to pick it up from your home.
  • Load it into your truck and take it to the nearby dump. Although this is possible, it’ll be too difficult for most consumers.
  • Don’t forget that you can hire us. We’ve dealt with unwanted furniture time and again so call us.

What To Do With Furniture When Moving Offices

Once you’ve learned that you’re going to be moving to a new office, you need to find out what to do with your old furniture. Your options are plentiful, but you need to find out what works for you. For instance, you can try giving the furniture to the new tenant. If someone is moving in, they might accept your old chair and desk. If you want to keep the furniture, take it with you. Moving companies can help you transport the items to your new office.

You can also think about donating the furniture. Many charities will take used office furniture. Regardless, we’re here to help you. Call our office so we can serve you right away.

Can I Recycle Furniture Made Of Wood?

Thankfully, you can recycle any wood furniture you have. Doing so is highly recommended since it’ll keep the item out of the landfill and protect the environment. Just remember that it is going to be harder to deal with pressure-treated wood. If you have wood that has been painted or stained, you’ll need to find another way to deal with it. You can always call our office and take advantage of our services. We can dispose of all types of furniture, including futons, dining tables, couches, chairs, bookcases, and more.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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