Pool Table Removal

A pool table is a wonderful addition to a rec room. Older children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors enjoy playing pool with friends and family members. A brand-name pool table delivers years of entertainment for families, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and pool rooms. When the pool table is no longer functional or eye-appealing, it will be time to consider recycling, donating, and junking.

Our pool table removal is available to all local businesses and residents. To ensure cost-efficiency, we recommend our free consultation and written estimate, which are available via appointment only.

Our Professional Pool Table Disposal Service

We not only pick up and haul pool tables away for businesses and residents. We also take over the disposal responsibility of pool tables as well. We are a one-stop pool table removal service. We believe our prices are fair, as they are competitive with our top competitors.

Pool Table Recycling – We recommend breaking down the pool table and recycling all metal and plastic components.

Pool Table Donation – Since most recycling centers do not accept pool tables as a whole, the best alternative is donations. You can donate the pool table to a friend, charity, or family friend.

Pool Table Disposal – If the donation and recycling disposal routes are not available, dispose of the pool table at a landfill or dump.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

We Accept:
guy lifting a pool table