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Glass Removal

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Glass is one of the most transparent materials in the world. With its high level of flexibility, affordability, accessibility, and recyclability, glass is becoming widely used across various industries. Manufacturers across the globe are incorporating glass into their product designs. With so many glass applications, it is easy to see why it commonly ends up in landfills.

To keep glass out of landfills, where it does not disintegrate, consumers are asked to recycle. Recycling broken, chipped, and cracked glass poses many risks, such as a laceration, stabbing, and severed body parts. Without the proper recourses, these risks are almost inevitable. Protect yourself and your family by utilizing our professional glass removal service.

Our Professional Glass Removal

Our glass removal service utilizes cutting-edge technology, safety gear, and manpower to remove and dispose of scrap glass. Small-, medium-, and large-sized pieces of glass or glass-based products are covered under our glass removal service.

How Our Glass Removal Works?

  • The client requests a free glass removal consultation
  • A member of our local glass removal team consults with the client
  • The expert assesses the glass scrap to determine the best removal strategy
  • An appointment is scheduled for the glass removal and disposal services
  • The junk removal team arrives to collect the glass scrap
  • The glass scrap is loaded into the back of our work truck and transported to a local recycling facility

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We Accept:
Broken window glass