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Have you just completed a DIY project at home? If so, you might have scrap metal on your property. What are you going to do with it? Ultimately, your options are indeed plentiful. However, you must remember that it is never a good idea to throw your scrap metal in the garbage. Instead, you should try to recycle or reuse this precious resource. Our technicians can take your scrap metal and ensure the metal gets disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

We Can Take Your Scrap Metal

Rest assured knowing we’re here to help. We’ve been providing scrap metal recycling services for many years and we’re ready to help you. Once our technicians have arrived, tell them what you want to go. Within minutes, the scrap metal will be removed from your property and sent to the nearby recycling center.

We Offer Several Metal Recycling Services

We provide locals with several metal recycling services. Take advantage of the services mentioned below.

Aluminum Recycling

We offer aluminum recycling services. If you have unwanted aluminum on your property, you need to get rid of it. We’re here to help. We can take these items and recycle them right away. Once we’ve done that, the items can be used to create new products.

Brass Recycling

We can also help you recycle your brass metals. Whether you have brass faucets or pipes, you can count on us to get rid of these items. We’re not going to stop until your brass items are delivered to the nearby recycling center. Call to get started.

Recycling Cast Iron

You likely have a few cast iron items. For instance, you might have a skillet made from this material. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to dispose of cast iron. If you’re having problems with this, call us. Our technicians will take the material to the recycling center to ensure it gets used for another purpose.


We take copper as well. Your home likely has copper plumbing pipes and copper wires. If so, you might have to dispose of the copper at some point. Let us help you. Our technicians can take copper items to the recycling center. After that, you can sleep soundly knowing the items are going to be reused for something good.

Recycling Steel

You’ll also find that steel can be recycled. It is a good idea to dispose of your unwanted steel in this way. When it is recycled, the steel can be used to create new bikes, steel frames, and more.

Recycling Tin

Tin is found in many household items, including soda cans, food products, pots, and electronics. If you need to dispose of your unwanted tin, we’ll be here to help you. Don’t send it to the recycling center. Instead, take it to a metal buyer or recycling center to protect the environment.

Recycling Lead

We offer lead recycling services as well. The material is valuable because it can be recycled over and over. It will not lose its value. If you need to get rid of unwanted lead items, call us. We’ll take it down to the recycling center for you.


Zinc is a popular construction material because it doesn’t rust. When zinc is recycled, it can help protect steel. Let us recycle your zinc so it can be used for something worthwhile.


Don’t forget to recycle your unwanted nickel. Whether you have an old cellphone, fork, spoon, or belt buckle, you can count on us to recycle your nickel item for you.

Properly Disposing Of Unwanted Metal

If you have unwanted, scrap metal on your property, do something about it. Why leave it sitting around? Find a way to dispose of the material straight away. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you can likely recycle the items. You can recycle aluminum, steel, and other metals. Some metal items can be taken to the local recycling center. For instance, you can recycle cans locally and get the deposit back.

As for larger items, call us. We’ll haul them away for you.

Metals That Can’t Be Recycled

Some metals cannot be recycled. They’ll be listed below for your benefit.

  • Any lead found in old television cannot be recycled.
  • Any material that is radioactive needs to be dealt with in other ways.
  • Mercury cannot be recycled either.
  • Paint cans and metal cans can’t be recycled.
  • You likely won’t be able to recycle pans and pots.
  • Propane tanks can’t be recycled.
  • Some automotive parks can’t be recycled.

These metals must be dealt with differently. Work with a professional to get rid of them.

Why Recycling Scrap Metals Is Recommended

It is always best to recycle your unwanted scrap metals. Remember that manufacturers use a lot of resources when creating metal products. They’re also going to have to mine for these materials. Suffice to say, mining too much will harm Mother Nature. It is best to find metal products in other ways. Instead of mining it, the manufacturer should try to recycle old materials. If you recycle your scrap metals, you’ll be able to help them achieve this goal.

Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new metal. It is better for the environment too. Our skilled representatives can help you recycle your unwanted metals.

Recycling Helps The Environment

Recycling metal helps the environment because it is cheaper and doesn’t require mining. Instead, the metal can be taken, broken down, and reused. It is always better for the environment. If you want to protect Mother Nature, you should recycle your unwanted metal products.

Throwing Scrap Metal In A Recycling Bin

In most cities, scrap metals cannot be placed in your recycling bin. However, some can be. For instance, you can likely throw your old soda cans in the recycling bin. Large items must be dealt with differently. Hire a professional junk remover to haul the large metal item away from your home.

What About Paint Cans?

Paint cans are usually metal. Just remember that they cannot be placed in recycling bins. Also, many recycling centers do not accept paint cans until they’re empty. Before you can recycle these cans, you’ll have to empty the cans completely. Once you’ve emptied the can, you can take it to the recycling center to see if they’ll take it. Alternatively, you can work with us. Once the paint has dried, let us take the cans away for you.

Metals We Can Help You Recycle

When you’re ready to get rid of your unwanted metal, you can guarantee it can likely be recycled. Most unwanted metals can indeed be recycled, and we can help. We’ve been helping consumers in your city recycle their unwanted metal products for many years. Let our scrap metal experts take items from your home. We’ll take them to the recycling center so the metal can be recycled and reused. We can handle all types of scrap metals, including steel, nickel, zinc, tin, brass, aluminum, and more.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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