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Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal

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Trampolines are large playground equipment, more commonly utilized by parents to keep their children entertained. Like trampolines, swing sets, seesaws, and playhouses have a service of about 8 years when properly maintained. When these large pieces of playground equipment are at the end of their lifespan, property owners must determine the best disposal route. Their large size complicates the removal and disposal processes. When you are faced with the task of removing playground equipment from your property, you must consider your resources. Ask yourself, do I have access to sufficient manpower for loading and unloading the playground equipment, a suitable means of transportation, and a legal disposal facility. If you cannot answer “yes” to all these questions, we are here to help.

Our Professional Swing Set Removal Service

Swing sets provide years of entertainment for the entire family. Many families become so attached to their swing sets, letting go becomes more complicated than the actual removal and disposal. Until you are willing to get rid of the swing set, it will continue to be an eyesore for your property. Improving curb appeal will not be possible without removing the old, tarnished swing set from the property.

Small- to medium-sized swing sets are much easier to deal with than large models. Our swing set removal targets small-sized to oversized brands, with two or more swings, slides, a jungle Jim, monkey bars, and other features.

Playground Equipment Disassembly

Most playground equipment is shipped to retailers or consumers in a large box, with a step-by-step installation guide. Most retailers do not offer free assembly for swing sets because it would complicate the installation. Like assembly, swing sets must be disassembled before they can be transported to a local landfill.

If you do not have the property tools to disassemble your old playground equipment, we recommend our junk removal, which includes disassembly. Our junk removal team will disassemble the playground equipment piece by piece.

DIY Trampoline Disassembly

Trampoline disassembly is required before disposal. If you have the means to complete the disassembly, we recommend you do it. To complete the disassembly, you will need to gather your tools – hammer, Phillips head screwdriver, battery-powered drill, spring puller, work gloves, and safety goggles.

Don the safety goggles and work gloves before moving forward. Remove the safety net first and place it to the side. Remove the protect pad by unfastening the Velcro, ropes, or metal hooks that attach it to the trampoline. Now, you can access the springs. Utilizing the spring puller detach each spring one by one.

With the springs out of the way, you can remove the hooks attached to the trampoline mat. Place the springs and hooks in a pile to be recycled. Disassemble the frame, piece by piece, and place it in a pile for recycling.

Once the trampoline is disassembled, it will be time to start loading it in the back of your pickup truck. While old trampolines are not reusable, they must be disposed of at a local landfill, municipal waste collection facility, or recycling center.

DIY Playhouse Disassembly

Large playhouses are required to be fully disassembled before being accepted at a local landfill or waste transfer station. Each playhouse design is unique, but most appear to utilize the same assembly hardware and tools. The first step of the playhouse disassembly process is to gather your tools – hammer, wrench, prybar, pliers, battery-powered screwdriver, and socket set. Set your tools to the side, where they will be easily accessible throughout the disassembly process.

The first step is to detach the room from the playhouse. Set the roof aside and start detaching the porch (if it applies). Detach the doors, windows, flowerpots, and other features. Detach the walls, followed by the floor. With the playhouse fully disassembled, it will be time to prepare the pieces for removal.

A moderately sized truck or van is required for the removal. Load the playhouse pieces into the back of the truck or van and transport them to a local landfill, recycling center, or transfer waste facility.

Can Playhouses Be Donated To Local Charities?

A playhouse in good condition can be donated to a charity or other nonprofit. Most charities will accept the playhouse intact or disassembled. If you decide to donate the playhouse to a charity, we recommend contacting the organization directly to inquire about a pickup. Some charities will schedule a pickup for large items like a playhouse, swing set, and merry-go-rounds, and monkey bars.

If a free pickup is not available, we will gladly take on the project. We will collect, load, and drop off the playhouse at the charity of your choice.

Best Preowned Swing Set Disposal Method

There are several disposal methods available for swing sets. The first method is a donation, which will depend on the condition of the swing set. The second method is recycling. Thanks to the metal construction, swing sets can be recycled and utilized for other purposes.

The third disposal method is the landfill or local waste collection facility.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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