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Piano Removal

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A piano or organ is a great addition to a home. In fact, these valuable assets can increase the value of a home. When maintained properly, a baby grand piano will deliver at least a decade of beautiful music. At the end of its service life, the piano will need to be disposed of per the local municipal waste disposal regulation.

A grand piano can weigh up to 1,400 pounds, which is a lot of weight to deal with. Just to move a grand piano from one room to another will require significant manpower. Can you imagine the difficulties you will face when removing the piano from your property? Our professional piano removal takes on the responsibility of moving the piano out of your home, loading it into the bed of our work truck, and hauling and unloading it at a local waste transfer facility.

Our Professional Piano Removal

We collect pianos of all sizes from homes and businesses. We will pick up your piano and haul it to a local recycling center, nonprofit charity, or landfill. Our junk removal service encourages owners to donate their unwanted pianos to charities, family members, or friends.

If there is no charity drop-off in your neighborhood and no one willing to take the piano off your hands, your only option is the landfill. First, you should try recycling the piano before taking such drastic disposal measures. Of course, full recycling may not be possible. But it is possible to detach all components that are eligible for recycling.

DIY Piano Disposal Tips

Piano disposal is broken down into steps to make the process doable. The first step of the process is preparing the piano for the removal process. The tips provided in the content below will ensure your do-it-yourself piano disposal process goes smoothly and quickly.

  • Thoroughly Inspect The Piano To Determine Its Condition – Determine the condition of the piano before selecting a disposal method. Preowned pianos in fairly good condition can be donated to charities, skilled nursing facilities, public schools, and other entities
  • Consider Selling For Parts – If the piano is in poor condition, it may be possible to sell it for parts. Piano repair services may be interested in buying the functioning components. When the components are sold, you will have a bit of extra cash to invest in a new piano
  • Preparing The Piano For Removal – Cover the piano with a blank to protect the finish from potential damage. Install an additional layer of protection over the pedals and keys. If the piano is going to a landfill, you can skip this step of the removal process
  • Schedule An Appointment For Removal Preparing The Piano For Removal – It can take between 24 and 48 hours to process a piano removal request. Schedule the appointment as soon as you decide to get rid of the piano to prevent unnecessary delay
  • Make Room For The Removal – To ensure a smooth piano removal, remove all items in the piano’s patch

As previously mentioned, a grand piano can weigh up to 1,400 pounds, complicating the removal process. A lot of manpower is required to complete the removal, hauling, and disposal processes. We hire a team of qualified workers to do piano removals. These removal experts have been working in the industry for decades. No one knows piano removal like our experts.

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