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Exercise Equipment Removal

Exercise machines are more commonly found in residential and commercial settings. A broad range of commercial establishments has onsite gyms with a variety of exercise equipment. Everything from strength training machines to treadmills to ellipticals to stationary bikes is found in commercial gyms. Residential onsite gyms are limited to medium-sized recumbent exercise bikes, cardiovascular machines, weight benches, rowing machines, and treadmills.

How Our Exercise Equipment Removal Works?

Our exercise machine removal combines several services – removal, hauling, and disposal – into one. We believe in giving back to our community through our junk removal and disposal services. We strive to keep our prices competitive to ensure full access to our junk removal services to all local consumers.

Our exercise equipment removal is broken down into steps:

  • The customer schedules an appointment for the junk removal
  • The junk removal team arrive at the client’s home approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment
  • An expert accesses the exercise equipment to determine the best removal route
  • The exercise equipment is loaded into the back of our work trucks
  • The junk removal team secures the exercise equipment to the truck
  • The exercise equipment is transported to a local donation center, recycling facility, or landfill
  • The junk removal team unloads the exercise machines in the drop-off area

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