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Basement Storage Ideas To Optimize Your Space

Most people don’t truly appreciate their basements. Although it is one of the most important rooms in the house, many people overlook and ignore it. Doing so will prove to be a costly mistake since the basement can be used for many purposes. Whether you’re looking for a place to store your electronics or you need a guest room, you should look no further. Below, you’ll find tips for properly storing items in your basement. EZ Woodstock Junk Removal

Properly Storing Belongings In Your Basement

It is essential to properly store your items in your basement. Failing to do so could result in your items being destroyed. Remember that your basement may experience humidity problems. When this happens, any items stored down there will be put at risk. However, this normally isn’t the case when you’re dealing with a finished basement. If the basement is unfinished, you need to be careful. Properly store your items to avoid damaging them. Use the tips below to ensure that you don’t experience any issues.
  • When dealing with an unfinished basement with moisture issues, don’t store any items that could be damaged. If the item could possibly warp, store it somewhere else. If it could mold, don’t store the item in the basement.
  • Does your basement have a chronic moisture problem? You can combat this problem and protect your walls by repainting them. Be sure to a mold-resistant primer that is waterproof.
  • Try installing and using a dehumidifier. The appliance will help remove humidity from the atmosphere and keep your belongings safe.
  • Have you noticed a lot of water in your basement? Find out how it is getting in and rectify the problem.
  • It is a good idea to store your belongings off the ground. When you do this, you will decrease the likelihood that your items are going to be damaged due to a flood.

Efficient Basement Organization Tips

If you’re adamant about storing items in your basement, it is vital to do so correctly. Failing to do so could lead to issues in the long run. Be careful and make sure that you protect your belongings. It is wise to create a game plan to ensure that you’re going to get everything perfect. Take advantage of the tips below to get the most out of your basement.

Use Cabinets & Shelves

First, you need to make sure that all your items are properly organized. Throwing them on the floor in your basement is not a good idea. Instead, you should install a few shelves or cabinets. Use these items to ensure that your items are organized and off the ground. Stacking the items vertically will give you more space. It’ll also help ensure that you don’t trip over the items there.

Using The Right Containers

If you’re going to store items in your basement, it is wise to do so correctly. You need to protect your belongings by storing them in airtight containers. Remember that the humidity in your basement can create serious issues. Using the right containers will make it easier to organize your items while also protecting them to the fullest.

Consider The Season

When trying to organize your belongings, make sure that you consider the season. Remember that you’re going to use some items in spring and others in fall. If spring is next, it is a good idea to store your shorts and t-shirts in the front. If Christmas is right around the corner, you should store your Christmas decorations in the front. Although this is a small adjustment, it’ll make it much easier to find what you need.

Storing Food Here

Also, remember that you can store certain food items in your basement. Doing so is a good idea so you can clear up space in your pantries. Nevertheless, you must remember that you cannot store all food items in your basement. Instead, you must store specific items here. It is best to only store non-perishable food items in the basement. For instance, you can add a shelf and use it to store dry foods and canned goods. In an emergency, you can always sleep soundly knowing you have these items.

Use The Stair Space

Remember that you can store many items under your stairs. Doing so is wise because you’ll want to take advantage of the extra space. You can put up a curtain to hide the items as well. If your basement is finished, you can put your child’s toys down there. When they get home from school, you can go into the basement and place with them.

Adding The Laundry

You can transform your basement into an expanded laundry room as well. There is plenty of space down there so you should use it to your benefit. Why not put your washer and dryer down there? Doing this will be wise because it’ll get these appliances out of your way. When you turn them on, you’re not going to hear them upstairs.

Create A Workspace

You’re likely going to find yourself working from home. If so, you need to be as productive as possible. To achieve this goal, you’ll need a good workspace at home. Whether you work on the computer, with a saw, or with pen and paper, you need plenty of room to work. Create a workspace in your basement. When you’re working down there, you can guarantee that nobody will bother you.

Turning It Into Living Space

Finally, you should use the basement as extra living space. You might have kids in the future. Alternatively, a guest might decide to visit your home. When this happens, you’ll need plenty of space. Since you don’t have any guest rooms upstairs, you should turn your basement into a spare guestroom. Create a comfortable space so your guest can enjoy his or her trip. Before you can organize your basement, you’ll need to get rid of the unwanted items in there. The best way to do that is by letting our professionals help you. Call us and we’ll take care of these items for you promptly.

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